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Tyre changers Sh515E, Sh515EU

Used for change tires of trucks, bases, construction and agricultural machinery.

Main characteristics

tubed and tubeless tire fitting;

hydraulic system and electrical circuitry are based on Italian and German components;

low working noise;

frame design allows to install the stand without foundation bed — just install it on even ground and connect to power network;

all elements have qualitative powder — or zinc coating which guarantees excellent corrosion protection;

pitch distance of fastening disc holder is 7 mm only, thus labour productivity is significantly increased;

holding force of clamping unit is adjusted by means of special valve and manometer which allow to prevent deformation or breaking of fragile aluminum and thin-wall discs;

multi-purpose jaws of clamping unit securely hold wheel discs of trucks, trailers, buses, agricultural and road-building machinery;

stand control is maintained by means of mobile remote control panel.


Technical data

Stand model



Wheel rim diameter, in



Max. tire diameter, mm



Max. tire width, mm



Hydraulic drive motor capacity, kW



Capacity of motor with reduction unit, kW



Control voltage, V



Max. tire weight, kgs



Stand dimensions (length/depth/height), mm



Stand weight (net/gross), kgs



More detailed information on the equipment found at the link https://yadi.sk/d/HGuq-kJ9sfpdh