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Heave duty stand for repair engines Р770Е и Р776Е

Used for assembly and disassembly V-engines, gear boxes, rear axles, and other units weighing up 3,000 kilograms.

Main characteristics

high flexibility is provided by multi-purpose adapters which allow to mount engines, gear boxes, rear axles or any other units;

worm reducer allows to turn and clamp an engine in convenient position.

Technical data 

Engine repair stands



Stand model



Hoisting capacity, kgs



Turn method

by means of electromotor with worm reducer

manual by means of worm reducer

Engine rotation angle, deg.



Voltage, V



Installed capacity, kW



Max. spindle (support beam) rotation speed, min-1



Max. overall dimensions, mm:



- length



- depth



- height



Max. weight, kgs




More detailed information on the equipment found at the link https://yadi.sk/d/gnn56Py9sfpWC